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Learn To Speak European / Continental Portuguese!

Portuguese is an elegant and beautiful language (perfect for romance!), and it’s the seventh most spoken language in the world, with over 260 million speakers world-wide.

Do you or anyone you know want to learn or improve speaking, reading and writing European Portuguese? It's difficult to find Portuguese classes in the Bay Area that suit the schedules of working professionals, families and those with a general interest in learning the language.

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The answer is our 10-week language classes, and the program is growing with families, including children, world travelers and business professionals participating. Their reasons for attending range from improving communication with Portuguese-speaking relatives, language skills for travels and meeting Portuguese citizenship requirements.

Our classroom is filled with attentive students learning grammar, pronunciation, phrases and vocabulary.  Classes are taught with a practical focus on basic, daily activities and also cover cultural and historic aspects of Portugal. All students receive a complimentary textbook from one of the leading academic publishers in Portugal.

Be sure to check the events section of our website for more details about upcoming classes and new workshops!
Photo | © Esther del Rosario

Join Our Classes

New Children's Classes! We are continuing our successful classes specifically for children.

Complete enrollment in any class(es), and receive a complimentary* textbook and exclusive discounts to other excellent learning resources. As an added bonus, each student who pays for one class can also take a second class (during the same session / “semester”) for only $50 - see the fees section below for more details.

Our Fall semester starts Sunday, February 9, 2020 — visit our language event page to see the complete schedule and class dates.

* Books and other discounts are issued on the first day of class. All prior students who have been given books in prior classes must bring these books to class as they will not be re-issued. Physical textbooks are subject to availability, and distribution is based on paid enrollment and order of attendee sign-up.

Need More information?

See detailed information below, and if you can't find answers to your questions, send an inquiry and our Language Program Director will get back to you pronto.

Information /Inquiries

Who Should Attend

Families, professionals, students, language lovers, travelers, those considering a move to Portugal, including those considering dual citizenship, etc.

About the Classes

We offer four levels of classes:

  • Children (ages 7 - 12; all proficiency levels)1 – 2:00pm
  • Beginning Adults (13+)2:30 – 4:00pm
  • Intermediate Adults (13+)4:00 – 5:30pm
  • Advanced Adults (13+):  5:30 – 7:00pm

Not sure which class best suits your level? Enroll where you think you best fit, then attend any of the classes on the first day and change your level if desired.

Fees / Tuition

  • Children's Class - $135 Includes textbook and additional course materials
  • Adult Class: $250 Includes textbook and additional course materials
  • Enroll in a 2nd Class:  Pay for one class, and in the same session / “semester,” take a second class  for only $50 more.  Example:  A student can officially enroll in / pay for the Intermediate class, and they can take the Beginner class at the same time to reinforce the basics.  And if there’s a different textbook, it is included in the cost. Two classes and potentially two textbooks for $300! Please note the second class for $50 does not apply to another, separate student, nor does it apply to any other semester(s).
  • Freebie!  If you are enrolled in any class and wish to silently audit an additional class during the same session / "semester,"  you may do so for free. However, no complimentary textbook or class materials will be issued, and we kindly ask that all auditors sit on the sidelines and refrain from any participation.

Our Instructor

Margarida Castela is a native speaker from Castelo Branco, located in the Centro northern region of Portugal. She earned her degree in Literature, Arts and Culture at the Universidade de Lisboa, and in addition to teaching children's and adult Portuguese classes in the Bay Area since 2013, she also teaches humanities at San Francisco State University and Diablo Valley College.

Margarida enjoys teaching the complexities of Portuguese grammar and exploring many aspects of Portugal’s rich heritage. Her travels throughout Europe and the United States have provided her with many cross-cultural experiences, thereby enabling her to relate with students from many walks of life and backgrounds.


Ample free street parking available on Sundays

Questions / More Information

If you have questions and / or would like more information, please email Esther Del Rosario, the director of our language program.

Information /Inquiries

Falamos Português! 

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Student Testimonials:

"I have yet to encounter a classroom environment in which I can learn a foreign language as quickly and as excitedly as I do in the classes at IDESST.     


"The class is connecting me to my childhood, where Portuguese was spoken and how different generations of our family were able to gather and communicate.



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