Fall 2022

European Portuguese Adult Language Class

All our classes are virtual using Zoom

We are excited to introduce a new Portuguese language instructor at IDESST! 

Meet Sergio Pedrosa

Join our 10-week VIRTUAL LANGUAGE COURSE. Our program is popular with families, world travelers, and business professionals. Their reasons for attending range from improving communication with Portuguese-speaking relatives, language skills for travels, and meeting Portuguese citizenship requirements.

Our students learn grammar, pronunciation, phrases, and vocabulary.  Classes are taught with a practical focus on basic, daily activities and also cover cultural and historic aspects of Portugal. 

Class Days / Times

We offer two VIRTUAL classes for Adults & Children 13 and older

  • Beginning Level 1: (For Absolute Beginners): Sunday 9:00 AM - 10:20 AM Pacific Time
  • Beginning Level 2: Sunday 10:30 AM - 11:50 AM Pacific Time

Check out the language event page to see the complete schedule and class dates & times.

Falamos Português - Let's Speak Portuguese

Which level is right for you? 

Beginning 1 - Level A1.1

This class is designed mostly for absolute beginners, but also for students who have less than 20 hours of Portuguese language instruction. In A1 you will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself: where you are from, where do you live and work

  • Order at a cafe and restaurant

  • Tell time

  • Describe your daily routine

Overall, the goal is to get you familiar with simple interactions, basic vocabulary, and foundational grammatical structures.

This is a very dynamic class, and both the pace and content are adjusted to the groups’ needs. Come ready to interact and with questions.

Students have many different backgrounds and skill levels, and we take that into consideration when teaching, whether you are an absolute beginner, or someone who has been self-studying and scratching the surface of Portuguese language. Our goal is to challenge you in fun ways to learn Portuguese, to create connections, and to show you our beautiful culture.

The time spent in A1 varies, but you will need at least 20-40 hours of language instruction, and consistent study to move on. 

Beginning 2 - Level A1.2

This class is designed for students who have some familiarity with Portuguese language and wish to move beyond simple interactions, and expand their vocabulary. In order to take this class, you should have at least 30 hours of Portuguese lessons and/or have basic vocabulary and grammar structures.

By the end of A1.2 you will be able to:

  • Talk about yourself and your family

  • Discuss your daily routine and describe your house

  • Make plans for the future/ schedule meetings / make invitations

  • Purchase tickets and ask for help

  • Talk about the past

This is a very dynamic class, and both the pace and content are adjusted to the group's needs. Come ready to interact and with questions.

The time spent in A1.2 varies, but you will need at least 30 - 50 hours of language instruction, and consistent study to move on to A2. 

Not sure which class best suits your level? Enroll where you think you best fit, then attend class on the first day. You can change your registration by no later than the end of the second class.

Visit our language event page to see the complete schedule and class dates & times

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Fees & More

  • Non-Member: $250
  • Member: $225*

*An active IDESST membership is required to qualify for the discount. If you would like to submit a new member application, and further support IDESST Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center, click on the following link. Applications must be approved by our Board of Directors before you can be an active member and qualify for the member discount. Click here to go to our Membership page.

  • Class size limit. Each class level will be limited to 20 students. Register early!
  • Wait list. There will be a wait list for each class level. Students on the wait list will be notified of their status prior to the start of the first class
  • Minimum number of registered students per class. Please be aware that if a minimum number of registered students is not reached for any of the class levels, the class may be cancelled for the semester. 
  • Switching class levels. If a student thinks that a class is too easy or too difficult, they will be allowed to switch class levels through the 2nd class. 
  • Late registration. Late registration will be allowed only through the 3rd class. Registration will be closed after the third class. 
  • Make-up classes or credit are not available if a student joins class after the semester has started or if a student misses a class. In the event the instructor misses a class, a make-up class will be scheduled or a recorded class will be provided.

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Course Material

All course material will be provided by the instructor using Google Docs, an online collaboration tool. Students enrolled in a class will receive an invitation to join Google Docs which will give access to all course materials. Detailed instructions for using Google Docs will be given by the instructor during class.


    All virtual classes will be conducted using Zoom, a video conferencing software that allows group video sessions and screen sharing using a computer's built-in video camera and microphone. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their equipment meets the system requirements to attend a virtual class using Zoom, including compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and internet service.

    The Zoom desktop app is available for Windows and macOS and the mobile app is available for Android and iOS, but we recommend using a computer for class instead of a mobile phone.


    Go to the Zoom website to sign up for a Free Zoom Account and download the desktop software.


    You can test your internet connection by joining a Zoom test meeting.


    Never used Zoom? Check out their support page to learn more about Joining a meeting

    To maximize the security of the virtual classroom, all classes will require an entry link and a password, both will be provided in an email prior to class. A Waiting Room will also be utilized where the instructor will admit you to the class.

    Virtual Classroom Guidelines

    Arrive on time - Please be ready to start class on time. Late arrivals can be distracting to a class in progress. If you arrive late be sure you are on mute. The instructor will admit you into class from the waiting room.

    Participate - This is a collaborative class and participation is expected. Be prepared to be on camera and make sure your name appears with your image.

    Position your camera properly - If possible position your camera at eye level and have good lighting coming from in front of your face, not from behind you.

    Master the mute button - Mute yourself except when you are speaking or if your instructor asks you to unmute.

    Be aware of your background - Avoid distracting backgrounds or activities in the background. If changing your physical background is not possible, consider using a virtual background or blur your background. Remember, nothing is private online!

    Raise your hand - Please respect your classmates. One person speaks at a time.

    Use chat - Ask questions on chat. Answer questions on chat. Share thoughts on chat. But try not to abuse chat and avoid using all caps - no need to shout. 

    Our Instructor

    Sergio Pedrosa

    Sergio is a Luso-American who was raised in the Portuguese enclave of New Bedford, Massachusetts, while also spending lengthy stretches of time, from childhood to young adulthood, in Figueira da Foz, a coastal city on the Silver Coast of Portugal. Sergio finished his high school years in Portugal and began his higher education in the university hub of Coimbra, before transferring to the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth to complete a BA in History and then an MA in Portuguese Studies. While working on his graduate degree he held a teaching assistantship, leading courses in Introduction to Portuguese and Luso-American Literary Studies. He has been working professionally as an educator since completing his graduate studies. Sergio has been infatuated with other cultures since he was given a globe and an atlas for Christmas when he was in the 3rd grade and has always sought out experiences attempting to learn more about the lives and cultures of people all over the world.

    Sergio joined IDESST Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center in 2022, where he will teach a variety of levels of Portuguese to people of all ages. He has a family that is learning the language and understands how difficult and frustrating it can be to learn a language as someone without a direct and daily link to the language. He is here to both support and challenge you. With Sergio as your instructor, you can expect to be encouraged to speak from the very beginning, and to have fun exploring Portuguese culture.

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    Need More information?

    If you can't find answers to your questions, send any inquiries to our Language Program Administrators.

    Learn to Speak Portuguese!:

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    Contact the Language Program:


    SAUSALITO, CA 94965

    Main Phone: 415.331.5925
    Fax: 415.842.0353
    General Email: info@idesst.org


    Student Testimonials:

    " This class was really great and allowed me to connect to my Portuguese heritage. The teacher was very helpful and created a fun learning environment. I will definitely continue my Portuguese language journey at IDESST.

    — K. ANDERS

    "We tried an “immersion” class in the city where the instructor only spoke Portuguese and we floundered the entire time. So glad we found the Zoom class offered by IDESST. We loved our instructor Margarida who made learning fun and practical. After 15 weeks I had already learned a ton but was left wanting more! Looking forward to the fall session.


    " As many others have done, I had to cancel my summer trip to Portugal. Margarida’s ZOOM class enabled me to have a "Portuguese Experience” and learn some language skills that will help when travel opens. It’s a great time to learn a language and Margarida does an excellent job teaching and making it a fun experience. It’s also very hard to find a European Portuguese teacher, so no matter where you live you can participate. Can’t wait for Fall semester!

    — S. SIMAS

    " I have yet to encounter a classroom environment in which I can learn a foreign language as quickly and as excitedly as I do in the classes at IDESST.

    — A. SCHUT

    "The class is connecting me to my childhood, where Portuguese was spoken and how different generations of our family were able to gather and communicate.

    — J. BOCK

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